It is ok to be a “Maverick”

For many years, I like others, have been “conditioned” in what to believe in, what to wear, how to do things, and have been told to support a myriad of other beliefs. When we have rebelled against something we did not like or have “buy-in”, we may have been scolded or received some kind of disapproval from others. Like many, we seek approval from others. Hey, it happens! Abraham Maslow states that one of our basic needs is to belong, love and be accepted according to

While there are many mutual beliefs that people like and accept, there are also beliefs that we should discern on. Each of us has our “soul’s calling” and should be listening to our intuition that will give us many answers. If we follow the herd all the time, we may get lost in in a sea of doubt and fear. I believe some people are operating out of fear and insecurity. They dress like everyone else, “buy-in” to marketing that makes them feel inferior and motivates them to buy products and services they may not need. Now, I believe everyone should be wearing professional clothes in a professional venue, but I am talking about the person who will buy the latest fashion just so they will fit in with others who are also following the latest fashion trend. Why not consider clothes that flatter you and wear a style you like?

When we trust our intuition or our “gut” we are seeking our own validation on answers we need. For example, if we have an “icky” feeling about someone, we should honor that feeling. It does not necessarily mean that the person is not a good person, but they may not be the right partner, business consultant or employee that is right for you. We should always honor our “higher knowing” and trust it. Believe me, I have struggled for years trusting my intuition, even when I saw the “red flags”. I finally realized that I was denying myself the most accurate and best answers. When we constantly seek validation and approval from others, we are giving away our personal power. This is not to say that we should not seek sage advice from a mentor or a professional. We need to look within and trust ourselves.

Every one of us has the right and ability to shine our “light” brightly and to do our soul’s calling on this earth. We cannot do that at times when we are so worried about being proper, fitting in, seeking constant approval from others, and that we are afraid to open up our own wings and fly. We become liberated when we learn how to stop seeking approval and validation from others. There are times that we will not be accepted! If you are trying to improve yourself, your friends and family may become very uncomfortable or even threatened. That is their story! I find that people who get “triggered” by others may have a need to heal their past and their old stories. Insecurity can stem back to childhood or anytime we became insecure in our lives. We become more empowered when we heal our old stories, whether that is through a clergy member, a wise friend or coach.

Work with someone who can really help you. Generally, you will move faster when you work with a qualified person who can help you “shift” faster in your life, then if you did it alone.  It can be very uncomfortable trusting our intuition at times. Sometimes, I will question my own intuition, but that is only because I have an “expected” outcome of how I think things should work in my life. The best thing I can suggest is being open to the best possible outcome and it may be far different than what you think will happen. I remember saying that I would give anything to stand in front of Congress/Senate and tell them that the “Whistleblowing” laws that are in effect now, are not working to protect people like myself. I was a Veteran Affairs “Whistleblower” who suffered two years of horrific bullying for turning in my management for prohibited personnel actions.

I kept wondering how I could make it to Washington, D.C. after I “settled with the Veteran Affairs in March 2014. I use to work in the Pentagon years ago, when I was in the Air Force. I had worked with congressmen/women and senators through my Air Force work then, but I had no idea how I would connect with them at the time. I live in Asheville NC now.

Nearly one year later, I was paid by the Concerned Veterans for America to talk to Senators about the need to protect “Whistleblowers” like myself. What a great feeling to be in Bernie Sanders’ many-peopleoffice the day after he announced that he was running for president! Did I see this trip coming? No! Never in my wildest imagination, could I have seen this coming. I admit, it’s hard to “let go” and “trust” sometimes, but it’s vital for our “souls calling”. Living from the heart and not the mind, takes guts and courage. Even I work on my own issues regarding fear. Nonetheless, I would still encourage you to trust your heart and your intuition.

I bet you will have more clarification and peace in your life. Because it does work. I authored a book, “The Empowered Whistleblower: A Practical and Spiritual Path to Personal Power. I address overcoming dis-empowerment through my own stories. You can get a complimentary copy of my first chapter at and you can get a print or kindle-version at Here’s to your success and being authentically “You”!