Five Tips Before Hiring a Life Coach

Dawn breaking her chainThere may come a time that you want to hire a Life Coach to “break-through” some barriers in your life or to help you gain clarity on an issue. Hiring a Life Coach can be very beneficial in your personal life and business. There are many coaches out there—some with lots of training and some who have taken a weekend course.  Some have had no training at all.  There are coaches out there that you would not want to spend even five minutes with because they are not truly a “coach”.

Coaching has many potential benefits if you find the right Life Coach. Here are just a few:

  • Achievement of your personal and professional goals
  • Breaking through “blocks” or “perceived limitations” you may have
  • Organization, focus, and achievement of goals
  • Improved personal empowerment and “personal power.”
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Healthier boundaries with others in your life
  • More confidence and self-esteem
  • Higher energy and well-being
  • Realization of your “gifts” and talents and how to use them

How do you “differentiate” all the coaches out there? There are many coaches out there, and they are not equal regarding results. Life Coaching is a transformative process, where your results are driven by your efforts, relating to your personal goals. Working with a Life Coach may require regularly scheduled meetings with a coach while providing self-awareness and accountability. So, how do you find the “right” coach for yourself?

First, be sure you know what you want to achieve in hiring a Life Coach. For example, you may want to overcome “fears” of moving forward in your life, so you will want to hire a coach that can help with “transformation.”   Many coaches have “niches, ” and that helps to define their best type of client, with the work that they do as a coach. As a “Personal Power” coach, I like to work with clients who want to find their voice, strength, and personal power.   Many of my clients have dealt with some type of abuse or bullying, and they want to “break-through” their feelings of being a victim or feeling “small” in their lives.

Second, be sure to research the coach you are thinking of hiring. Not all Life Coaches are equal.   Some are well-trained, and some are just calling themselves a Life Coach.   Unfortunately, there are no mandated laws on Life Coaching.   Fancy marketing and a great website do not equate to a reputable Life Coach.   Ask them if you can contact one of their former clients and be sure to trust your feelings when researching Life Coaches.   If you have a consultation with a Life Coach, be sure that you are not being coerced to work with them.   Some Life Coaches are well-trained in the “art” of closing the sale with a potential client.   Life Coaches should never manipulate or bully someone to work with them. Again—trust your “gut” and think twice about working with them if you feel “pushed” to work with someone.   Also, just because they are successful, does not mean they can make you successful if they are not the “right” coach for you.

Third, a Life Coach is supposed to help you with your transformation or achieving your goals. It’s about your agenda—not theirs.   While they may see things differently than you do, they should allow the natural developing your self-awareness and personal growth to unfold.   They should never tell you what your next step is or control the coaching process with their agenda. Your agenda or goals should always come first.

Fourth, a Life Coach may ask you to sign a contract to work with them. This is a professional contract between you and the Life Coach. They may also want to sell you a month or three-month package too.   Don’t be afraid to ask if you can pay for one session and see if this Life Coach is a “good fit” for you. In some cases, it will take more than one session to help you to achieve your goal(s).   You want to be mindful of your investment in yourself and finding the “right” Life Coach for your needs.

Fifth, keep in mind when hiring a Life Coach and if it does not work out, that you “should” ask to stop the services between you and the Life Coach. Be prepared that the Life Coach may not want to let you out of the contract, but an “ethical” Life Coach will want what is best for you and most likely will allow you to “break” the contract. The bottom line is that you want “positive” results when working with a Life Coach.   There is nothing worse than paying a Life Coach and feeling resentful for less than desirable results. Even I have hired Life Coaches that promised the “moon and stars” and seriously “under delivered.”

I learned quickly to discern on hiring others for their services. I learned from my mistakes and will never repeat the lessons I learned in hiring someone on a “whim.”   Yes, I did see some “red flags” and ignored them and received some expensive, valuable lessons on this matter. Life Coaches can be your biggest strength in pursuing a positive “transformation” and getting the desired results you want, and it can also be expensive, but worth it.  So, be sure to ask a Life Coach what ethics they operate by if you are thinking of hiring them.  For example, the coaching program I attended (iPEC) has adopted these ethics:

Empower yourself and make wise decisions–it’s your right to have a wonderful life.


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