Media Appearances


 Mental Health News Radio

In this article, Kristin Walker interviews Dawn on how she is helping clients and lawyers stand up to workplace bullying.

Bob Hanna Ph.D. (Living Well Radio)

“Dawn shares an inspiring story of standing up for what she believed was right and as a result, she experienced severe bullying by her superiors that led to her darkest moments. But in this most difficult of difficult moments, Dawn found the strength to carry on and soon realized that she needed to deal with her own inner bully. “

Bringing Inspiration to Earth Show (Blog Radio)

“There are gifts we receive when we go through hard times.”

The Zone Show (Blog Radio) Leaving the Bully Zone

“Bullies are also victims too. They suffer from a sense of ‘lack,’ and insecurity.”


Christian Science Monitor

“Ms. Westmoreland, a disabled veteran herself, alerted the federal government to actions of her managers at the VA where she worked, alleging favoritism for hiring and training that advanced only some people, according to a press release distributed last week.”

WNC Woman Magazine

“I also stood in my own personal power and held my bullies accountable. In March 2014, I ‘settled’ with the Veteran Affairs and refused to sign a gag order that would keep me from telling my story to help others find their voice, strength, and personal power.”

Asheville Tribune Paper

“Westmoreland settled out of court with the VA, and she now uses the money thus received to support a website that coaches people how to stand up to bullying.”