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Are you seeking advice, or looking to help someone who is experiencing workplace bullying or discrimination? You’re in the right place!  Dawn has authored/co-authored four books, is a speaker, hypnotist, and a certified professional coach.  She is a highly skilled Human Resource Manager consultant with 27 years of experience and distinguished with commended performance results.  She provides a “How To” system to reduce workplace bullying and discrimination to executive teams, global leaders, political teams, government leaders, attorneys, mental health professionals, and employees.  She creates a harmonious values-based culture for a safe and respected work environment.  Dawn  also provides government contracting under Dawn Westmoreland Consulting LLC (DUNS number:  080588244)

Join Dawn at “The Empowered Whistleblower Podcast” to learn more about solutions to bullying, discrimination, empowerment, leadership, recovery, what great companies are doing for their employees and more.

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