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Signs of Faith are Everywhere

Signs of faith are everywhere and you must slow down to see them.  Just last week, I was in north Florida because my brother married his sweetheart on 12/13/14. It was an awesome wedding, only one week after my father passed away.  We had mourned our father leaving this earth and then embraced a wedding. […]

Step Into Your Personal Power

  Let’s face it!  Do you ever feel tired and out of energy?  Have you considered how your energy is leaking from you and leaving you empty?  Our minds are so powerful and our thoughts play a large role in how we view our world.   Our thoughts are the foundation to how we live […]

Don’t be a Prisoner of the Past

I am constantly asked to give a healing session to someone in physical or mental pain. Nothing brings me greater joy than to give healing energy or hypnotherapy to someone in need.   As a young adult, I felt a strong calling to help people heal and feel better about themselves.  As a healing practitioner and […]

Embrace the Healing Arts, not Pharmaceutical Medicine

It’s almost scary how folks will settle for pharmaceutical medicine instead of embracing the healing arts, when they could be complimenting their health and well-being with hypnotherapy, reiki/energy healing, and horticulture therapy.  It has been proven that you can “break free” and live a healthier and happier life through these healing modalities.  It is always  […]

It’s Thyme to Engage with Your Plants

Plants are our friends and they offer us healing and a form of meditation while spending time gardening or in a garden setting.  Horticultural Therapy is based on the mental, physical, and emotional healing that is possible from regular interaction with a garden.  It is successfully used in a variety of situations and is useful […]

It’s Thyme to Heal

Ever since I was a child, I have had a passionate distaste for injustice, especially when it came to mankind and animals.  As a child, I was an extreme introvert.  As I grew up and went into the Air Force, I found my voice and I also became an advocate for the less fortunate.   As a […]

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