Embrace the Healing Arts, not Pharmaceutical Medicine

Dawn smaller picture It’s almost scary how folks will settle for pharmaceutical medicine instead of embracing the healing arts, when they could be complimenting their health and well-being with hypnotherapy, reiki/energy healing, and horticulture therapy.  It has been proven that you can “break free” and live a healthier and happier life through these healing modalities.  It is always  important to seek medical care from a medical practitioner when needed.   I would never deter anyone from seeking professional medical care.   However hypnotherapy, reiki/energy healing, and horticulture therapy can provide many benefits for the mind, body, and spirit.

Hypnotherapy is an excellent way to alleviate stress, gain confidence, improve your immune system, heal faster, lose weight, and quit smoking. The human body is an amazing self-healing unit– hypnotherapy is able to tap into and stimulate one’s healing resources or break bad habits and effect positive transformations.

Reiki is a non-invasive form of energy medicine that balances the body, mentally,  physically, emotionally, and spiritually, enabling the body to do what it does best — heal itself.  Reiki assists in accelerating healing from injury, illness, promotes relaxation, stress reduction, strengthens the immune system, it can reduce or eliminate pain.

Horticultural therapy is the purposeful use of plants and gardens to promote individual mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual well-being.  The benefits of horticultural therapy include relaxation, physical activity, enjoyment, skill development, creative expression, social interaction, sensory stimulation, personal growth, a sense of productivity, self-satisfaction and a spiritual connection with life.

Some of my clients like to experience both reiki/energy healing and hypnotherapy.  This is a very relaxing experience for the client.  Relaxation is a very healing experience.  We live in the Age of Technology where we are constantly bombarded with media of different types.  Slowing down and experiencing the healing benefits of hypnotherapy, reiki/energy healing, and horticulture therapy is not a luxury, but rather a complimentary form of healing and well-being.  You deserve to be well and “break free.”  Then you can reach your highest potential.

It’s Thyme to Engage with Your Plants

Garden Path in Arden-2-largePlants are our friends and they offer us healing and a form of meditation while spending time gardening or in a garden setting.  Horticultural Therapy is based on the mental, physical, and emotional healing that is possible from regular interaction with a garden.  It is successfully used in a variety of situations and is useful in helping many types of people; especially the elderly and those with physical limitations.  Therapy in the garden is also beneficial to those who are recovering from physical illness or have mental health problems.

Gardening provides aerobic, isometric and  isotonic exercise.  This benefits the muscles and bones, along with the cardiovascular  and respiratory systems.  Gardening is a great way to get in shape or stay in shape.  It provides endurance, strength and flexibility, which can help to prevent obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis.

According to http://www.webmd.com/healthy-aging/features/gardening-health, “The restorative benefits of nature, some experts now believe, can lower blood pressure, boost immune function, and reduce stress. And to reap these benefits, you don’t have to live in a mansion with a gardener. All that’s required is a love of flowers and a willingness to plant a few herbs or even to hang a beautiful poster depicting nature on your wall”.

Physical exercise in the garden releases endorphins, which assist in alleviating stress.  Numerous studies have shown that being present in a garden can help with lowering blood pressure.  This is highly beneficial in the hectic life styles we live in today.  A garden provides the opportunity to be in touch with ourselves and to enjoy the smells, sights and vibrational energetics of the trees and flowers.  We owe it to ourselves to find nourishment and meditation by gardening or spending time in a garden.  Many people enjoy transformational healing at different levels, while gardening.  Gardens can provide a great place to relax, unwind, contemplate and rejuvenate.

Dawn Westmoreland is a retired Air Force veteran, degreed horticulturist, and certified plant professional.  She has designed landscapes for the Ramble (Asheville, NC) and other properties in the greater Asheville, NC area, worked at Biltmore Estates in the Floral department and at Callaway Gardens (Pine Mountain, GA) as a Horticultural Educator, along with owning a landscape design/installation business in the Asheville, NC area.