Dawn Westmoreland Consulting, LLC


For Global Leaders, Executive or Political Teams, Government Administrators, and Managers:


For Employers

  • With Dawn’s 27 years of Human Resources expertise, she develops an action plan for prevention or correction of workplace bullying
  • Hire Dawn for your company as a speaker, mentor, or HR consultant on workplace bullying and discrimination
  • Develop a healthy workplace culture and protect your company or agency from unnecessary potential of a lawsuit
  • Guidance to create and maintain civility in your workplace: a cultural assessment, review of employees EEO training, effective documentation training of bullying/discrimination behavior, strategic civil work solutions, reviewing and implementing of effective work performance standards, which can reduce EEO and litigation risks with employees
  • Civility  EEO, and Bystander training for your employees and managers
  • Leadership coaching to achieve a healthy and respectful work environment with on-going review of plans to achieve your corporate values and mission

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For Attorneys:


For Spiritual/Religious Leaders and Mental Health Professionals:

  • Subject matter expert (SME) support and strategies to aid your discriminated/bullied clients
  • Continuing Learning Education (CLE) support and education
  • 27 years of experience to assist you as an expert witness on workplace harassment/bullying as a speaker, author, professional coach and HR consultant
  • Skilled subject matter expert guidance and strategies to support your discriminated/bullied clients
  • Speaking engagements on workplace bullying/discrimination and empowerment
  • Training and consulting so that you can support your clients and parishioners

Senior business woman lecturing at Conference.

Speaking Engagements:

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Consultation / Coaching / Speaking Pricing

Currently, Dawn speaks on these five keynote topics:

Some Gifts Come in Ugly Wrapping Paper

Break free from your dis-empowerment! This keynote workshop will show you how to unwrap your ‘gifts’, and find your voice, strength, and personal power.

 How to Stand Up to Workplace Bullying and Discrimination

How can you protect yourself from workplace bullying? Dawn’s 27 years of HR experience will shed light on the documentation, resources, and empowerment strategies you need!

Where is Your “Shout”?

Don’t work in a job you hate – review your skills, sharpen your talents, and find the perfect position for you! After this keynote speech, you won’t want to sit silently anymore.

Your Dream Needs a Voice

Do you feel like people walk all over you? In this keynote address, learn how to set healthy boundaries, pursue your dreams, and gain the tools you need to empower your life.

Lessons I Learned from Landing in the Mental Health Ward

No one wants to exhibit “victim” behavior, but what do you do when you feel hopeless, lost, or harmed? Dawn’s experiences shed light on the ways we evaluate the energy we put out into the world, and methods for improving your life with peace using proven strategies.


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About Dawn

Dawn Marie Westmoreland has always found her joy in inspiring, supporting, and empowering those who need it most. That joy has been reflected in her career and continues to be her driving force to this day. Dawn has also experienced workplace bullying and discrimination first-hand.  In 2012, Dawn reported her former government agency to the Office of Special Counsel and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for prohibited personnel practices and retaliation. As a result, her managers and co-workers turned on her, and she was subjected to two years of horrific workplace bullying and discrimination.

These years wreaked havoc on Dawn’s mental and physical health, but she persevered. Holding her workplace bullies accountable, Dawn settled with her employer outside of court. Because of her knowledge of HR and leadership skills, she has no gag order to prevent her from sharing her story to empower others who look to her for help. This experience, as well as overcoming her personal history of abuse, has strengthened Dawn’s personal mission to support attorneys, political leaders, employers, mental health professionals, spiritual/religious leaders, and employees with solutions to bullying and discrimination.

Incivility is on the rise, I have written a comprehensive workbook, “Stand Up to Workplace Bullying and Discrimination.” While it’s written to support employees in the workplace, employers also will benefit from my workbook. Click here to purchase: Workbook

You can also learn more about Dawn here: Dawn’s Story

I interviewed Erin Brockovich after meeting her in person in 2017.  She provides sound guidance on advocacy and how to handle tough situations.  Check it out: Interview with Erin Brockovich

Brandon  (far right) shares his testimonial on Dawn Westmoreland: Dawn is a caring compassionate individual with tremendous firsthand knowledge of bullying and whistleblower retaliation within the Federal Workforce. After I came forward to Office of Special Counsel in December 2014 as a VA Whistleblower Dawn and I spoke or emailed quite regularly and her wisdom helped me over the next 18 months to see my case through and win so I could get back to helping Veterans. I will always be grateful to Dawn for her help and consider her a friend. ~ Brandon Coleman, Whistleblower, Addiction Therapist, Anthem CBOC, VA Health Care System

Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) asked Dawn to share her “Veteran Affairs Whistleblowing” story with over 30 Senators and to ask for their support in protecting Veteran Affairs Whistleblowers in Apr 2015.

In April 2015, the Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) sent Dawn to Washington, D.C. to educate Senators on the need to protect Veteran Affairs Whistleblowers. Since then, President Trump signed an executive order to create the Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection, a new office within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Dawn and 26 other co-authors came together and became Amazon Best-selling authors for writing the “Strength of My Soul” anthology book about overcoming hardships in life.

Dawn is being interviewed by SharRon Jamison about her workplace bullying/discrimination story and how she is serving others today with her experience and skills.

Dawn is with her fun-loving peer coaches as her eight- month coaching course wraps up in Miami, FL in 2014.

Dawn retiring after serving over 20 years in the United States Air Force. While serving in the Air Force, Dawn earned a Business/Managment degree and went on to earn three other degrees, to include a masters in Management/Human Resources. Dawn worked in the Pentagon, served in President H.W. Bush’s inauguration, and worked mainly in Air Force special assignments due to her professionalism and leadership skills.

Professional Qualifications

With a Master’s degree in Management/Human Resources and thirty years of Human Resources experience, Dawn’s career has followed her passion for empowering others. Her qualifications include:

  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) and Expert Witness on workplace bullying/discrimination
  • HR Consultant on Workplace Bullying, Discrimination, Policies & Procedures, and more
  • Former board member/expert for Fifty Shades of Purple (anti-bullying initiatives/resources)
  • Workplace Bullying/Discrimination Training and Development
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Mediation and Advocacy
  • Staff Recruitment and Retention
  • Experience with Family Medical Leave Act, American Disability Act, Equal Employment Opportunity and Worker’s Compensation
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • And more!

Dawn is honorably retired from the United States Air Force, after twenty years of service. Since then, she has authored two books, appeared on more than fifty radio shows, and written seven magazine articles. She has been lauded by both the Concerned Veterans for America Organization and the Christian Science Monitor for her work.

Standing up to unfairness in the workplace takes a great deal of courage, strength, and persistence. Dawn has been through her own horrific experience and held her bullies accountable. Why not hire Dawn to be your subject matter expert on workplace bullying and discrimination?